Heya, I was struggling with ReMoot commands not having effect on the MPD (music player daemon), which is a nifty tool I discovered yesterday. Anyway, even though ReMoot lists this software as supported on it’s website, nothing happened when I executed “remoot playpause” or something like that.

The reason is that ReMoot only looks for programs that belong to the current user, while the mpd most of the times has it’s own user. (At least that is what’s proposed for example here)

To get ReMoot running with mpd you have to do the following two things:

  • ReMoot uses mpc to interface with mpd, so make sure it is installed!
  • edit /usr/bin/daemoot (or whereever it may be) and change line 470 (version 0.9 of ReMoot) to my @apps = `ps -L -u $ENV{USER},**mpd** -o comm,lwp`; where, of course, mpd has to be the user the mpd runs under.

That should be it. Have fun!

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